Monday, May 6, 2013

See, Think, Wonder--take 2

What I did: Following our ant inquiry circle, I wrapped up our unit with a presentation, and finally with a see, think, wonder that was the same as the one I did to introduce the unit.  Same format, same images.

Connect: I wanted them to go through the same routine with their new ant schema. I was hoping that the kiddos would use what they learned through our research process and add more to the routine.  I was especially hopeful that my first graders wonderings would get deeper.  Some of my student's thinking definitely improved with the knowledge they gained during the research process.  They looked at the images in a whole new way.  Happily, the wonderings did get deeper for some of my students. Even the students that were still stuck in surface wonderings, were able to ask more specific questions.

Extend: I did a See, Think, Wonder to start our civil rights unit, and now I wish I would have wrapped that unit up in the same way.  I think that the civil rights images would have been much more meaningful after some background. 

Challenge:  It was hard to keep this interesting because I didn't change anything.  I am not sure how I could've made that better.  Maybe someone has a good idea...

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