Monday, May 6, 2013

Color Symbol Image

Connect- I read  a story called Mardy Murie Did, written by Grandmother of Conservation.  Mardy Murie was an environmental activist who always knew she loved the earth and wanted to protect all that live on it.  This is only the 2nd time students have used this thinking routine but most really connected with the story so I feel like they did well.
Extend- Because they have such an interest in nature and animals, and the author made so many references to animals, they felt empowered to create a symbol that would strike a cord with anyone who read their response. The overall theme of "One person CAN make a difference " kept showing up in all the students thinking throughout this unit.
Challenge-  I tried to push them to create a color that wasn't so obvious like green or blue.  Only a few were really thinking and were creative.  One student chose "red" because he wants to spread the word and warn others about the dangers involving earth destrucion.

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