The purpose of this blog is to create a space where we can have a discussion of our implementation of the ideas in the book Comprehension and Collaboration and connecting those ideas to the thinking strategies and routines.  There are expectations around the PDU about reflecting in posts and comments, but it would be great if this space became a place to house student samples, pictures, even videos that reflect the great work that is happening in our classrooms.  If you ever need help posting to this space let me know.

Unfortunately, there is no way to upload documents to this blog, you can only upload pictures and videos.  If you want to upload documents, like a Word document you will need to use a file hosting site like Dropbox or Google Drive.  Google drive is very easy to use and you can access it with the same sign-in that you access this blog.  Both sites will upload your document, then give you a web link to post here.  

Here are the expectations for this PDU:
  • Attend all Friday PLC, PEBC sessions that Michelle facilitates.
  • Attend two, 1- 1.5 hour progress meetings in January and March.
  • Continue to bring artifacts to the meetings according to Michelle's requirements.
  •  Post a reflection about your artifact on this blog, one every month.  Each post is due on the fourth Friday of the month.
  • For every artifact that you post, comment on two other posts, a minimum of 10 comments. The two comments are due for that month are due on the first Friday of the next month, one week after your post.
  • Create a Powerpoint, or other presentation for the Peer Review (there are lots of templates that make this process very straight forward.)
  •  Attend the final peer review session in May to present and provide feedback for other participants.

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