Wednesday, May 1, 2013

See Think Wonder Ants

Connect-This was an intro to our ant study (animals and their needs).  I wanted to catch a glimpse of any ant schema they may have had.

What I Did- They spotted the ant farms and were dying to know why we had them.  I finally broke them into 2 groups and them them observe the farms.  I gave them about 20 minutes but told them to pay close attention to and to think about what they see, what they think is happening, and what they wonder. 
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Extend- We used many of the questions developed here in our Ant Inquiry study .  They were able to really look back at our pyramid and see just how much they learned after our study.

Challenge-I wish I would have chosen to use pictures instead of the ant farm.  The questions were too specific to what the ants were doing inside the farm instead of ants in general.

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  1. Annie-

    First off, your pics of the kiddos all engaged in the learning process and discussion time was so adorable. You can tell they are excited about their learning groups. I thought your challenge response was very reflective and you clearly know your students. I would be interested to hear what they noticed after their little lab session.