Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chalk Talk

I used this routine with an 8th grade group as a formative assessment before reading a book about a Native American named Chief Joseph.  I wasn't sure how much background knowledge they had on Native American Indians and the struggles they faced once pioneers began their trek across the U.S.  I was very surprised by their thinking!
  • "The government treated them bad and were racist and the Americans were greedy and wanted territory."
  • "Because of Native American's skin color."
  • "Because their skin color was different, maybe talked different, and they acted different."
  • "The US was not fair to the Native Americans because they were moved and not treated like others."
  • "I think they felt discriminated against because they had to be separated from whites."
After a very focused discussion (which pleasantly surprised me with this group!), I used the See Think Wonder strategy to preview the book.  So much of our discussion from this activity was applied to their See Think Wonder charts!  When I use this book next year, I'd like to chart how our thinking changed after our chalk talk discussion!

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