Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Assessment Evidence

A large part of my PDU this year was spent working on a UbD Unit about Simple Machines (I posted it a few days ago).  We have not finished the unit and are only a few lessons into it, but I wanted to share one of the assessment pieces I will be using to help me monitor whether or not my students are understanding what simple machines and Newton's laws of motion are.  I took some pictures of one of my students "Force, Motion and Simple Machines Lap Book" that is going to be a big part of them putting their new understandings together.  Each lesson/series of lessons that we have has a part that matches a section in the lap book where they can reflect and write down their thinking about topics.  I have heard a lot of the students already explaining that this has been their favorite science work so far this year!  They really have enjoyed not only assembling them, but adding in their ideas.  We still have a few sections to finish up, but here is the outline.  Eventually all the sections will be filled with their thoughts and understanding!

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  1. Shannon, I'm impressed that this unit is completely planned out at the beginning. Of course I'm working on it, but it's hard for me to complete an entire backwards plan prior to starting. I know my essential questions, outcomes, etc., but oftentimes more ideas come to me as I see the work being done in class. Nice work! It sounds like you have a great place for students to hold their thinking, and when it comes time to synthesize at the end of the unit your students thinking will be very concrete and organized. Whether you realized it or not, your scaffolding the steps involved in the synthesis process!