Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smith / Willett 2nd Grade: Chalk-Talk

Smith / Willett        2nd Grade
Thinking Routine:   Chalk-Talk with Non-Fiction Unit
Connect:  CHALK TALK involves looking at the topic or question written on the chart paper and involves kids in the thinking questions below:
·         What ideas come to mind when you consider this idea, question, or problem?
·         What connections can you make to others’ responses?
·         What questions arise as you think about the ideas and consider the responses and comments of others?
Often, as teachers we instruct but rarely ask the kids why they think we should learn the material being presented.  This routine offers up a safe environment for kids to express their thoughts.
The purpose of this routine is to ask students to think about ideas, questions, or problems by silently responding in writing both to the prompt and to the thoughts of others.  All students can participate in the open-ended and exploratory nature of the routine.
What I did:
Kids were presented with the Chalk Talk question, “Why Study Non-Fiction?”  Kids were asked to think about that question for about 5 minutes and write some of their thinking down in their personal notebooks.  Then kids were asked to choose one thinking to write down on a sticky note and place that on the chart paper along with their name.

Once kids finished placing their notes on the chart, I called them over in small groups of 6 to go over what they wrote in a small contained setting and asked kids to give each student speaking 1 connection thought, 1 compliment, or 1 question in regards to the student’s note.  This way, it makes room for all learners to have a voice and makes learning visible by focusing on reactions, connections, and questions.
CHALK TALK can be used to encourage reflective thinking.   The next day, we met as a whole group and I went over what was written and shared regarding our guiding question of, “Why study Non-Fiction.”  I noticed that a large amount of kids wrote about being prepared for 3rd grade.  I wanted to make sure to address those thoughts with a deeper intention on why we teach NF in 2nd grade and it is not just to get kids ready for 3rd.  After having the discussion, I had kids write in their personal notebooks on how their thinking might have changed from the day before and what they would write today about our guiding question.

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