Monday, March 9, 2015

Weather Systmes Inquiry Projects

As February came to an end, so did my first attempt at student learning through inquiry.  As a class, we spent 6 weeks learning about various weather topics through student inquiry.  The students had to present their learnings to the class.  Students presented their projects on google slide shows, poster boards, imovies, lego movies, and even a diorama.

I was very pleased with the information the students collected.  I was also amazed at the learning!  I feel like they had such a great understanding of their inquiry topics and they presented the learning in such a way that the students learned from each other!
I am very excited to continue the inquiry process in science.  I am still a little hesitant to do math in this way.  However, after really thinking about how I learn new things, I realized that I am constantly googling and searching for answers. This weekend, my son and I needed to install more memory on his xbox.  I purchased the device on line and of course there were no directions included.  We decided to look on youtube and of course we found several videos on how to install the memory!  It is incredible to me that with the help of the internet we can research anything and everything!


  1. Tracy,
    I completely agree that inquiry is everywhere and it is how we live now with technology at hand. Your weather projects with kids looked amazing! I love the way you allowed for so many different types of coalescing and going public with their understandings. It makes weather even more interesting! Students learning from each other is such a gift, and a best practice I work to implement on a regular basis. Thank you for such a celebratory post!

  2. What a great way to do your science projects, Tracy! I think it really makes the kids take the learning into their own hands, and for sure has an impact on how they will remember the information. I love your analogy, too, to real life. I have not really every thought of how much we learn and how many questions we ask OUTSIDE of school- and how authentic that learning is because it impacts our daily life. I guess ultimately that would be the best connection we could make for our students....

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  4. I love how the students could choose so many different ways to share their learning. What a great way to celebrate all students strengths. It is amazing how students know to just look on the internet for answers. One time I was struggling with something and Ben (4th grade) was like google it or look it up on youtube. And I had to stop for a moment because he was totally right and it wasn't even on my radar!