Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Simple Machines UbD Unit

Last year Maggie and I really started looking closely at the Colorado Academic Standards for Science.  We realized that the science kits the district sends us do not correlate to what we are supposed to be teaching.  For example, one of our physical science standards is all about force and motion, and we are sent a sound system unit that only addresses vibration and sound starters.  When we found out that this year we were going to be learning about backwards design, we decided that this was the unit we would create with support from our PLCs. 
We had no resources (that we knew of) so we began the process of gathering and combining what we found applicable and over the past few months -yes it took that long!- BUT we finally completed it last week!  I found this great template online and put in the information we put together during the PLCs.  We included assessments, resources, lessons, inquiry questions...basically everything we could think of that we might need!  I am super excited to teach this unit, and after our pre-test discovered that this is the first unit that my second graders truly have very little schema about.  This made me very excited because many of the topics we teach in second grade our students have a lot of schema about, and I after this week they are super engaged and excited! 
This is only the first week and I am already finding that I am tweaking things and adjusting, but we expected this as it was the first time we've taught this unit.  Our biggest goals are that our students understand the six different types of simple machines and their uses as well as Newton's three laws of motion and their application.  Here is a copy of our UbD Unit overview!

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  1. I find that I also need to create many of my own lessons and find materials to support the Essential Questions and Understandings in our Colorado Academic Standards for Science. I am frustrated that the district curriculum provides lessons that are not very engaging and are often lacking in content. I have enjoyed writing lesson plans from scratch using backwards planning. You have done a really nice job with this unit. Heads up - the science standards are likely to change soon.