Saturday, March 22, 2014

CSI - Adopt and Element

This is my second attempt at this Making Thinking Visible lesson.  It is my attempt at making something abstract, like a type of atom, and to not only make it more concrete, but to create a connection to the students life.

Students are assigned an element to research, then think of a a color and an image that relates to their element. For the symbol, they need to identify its symbol on the periodic table, as well to identify its atomic number and weight.

to follow up on this lesson, students do a gallery walk to look at other elements, and hopefully deepen their understand of the many uses and importance of many of the elements.

The more I reflect on this lesson, the more that I am pleased how it lays the foundation for the units essential questions, " Why do atoms may stick together to form well-defined molecules and into groups that compose all substances.

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